Yellowstone Elopement Packages

It is one of the most spectacular and legendary national parks not only in the United States, but perhaps all the world. A vast natural wonderland teeming with geysers, bison, ancient forests, and mind-expanding scenery that defies imagination, the Yellowstone National Park is truly a destination that should be on everyone’s so-called “bucket list”! All of these fantastic features combine to also make Yellowstone an unparalleled destination to stage your elopement wedding. Sure, all of your friends may have had their “big weddings” in wonderful venues that cost significant sums of money to reserve. Perhaps they had a live band and a wedding party larger than a baseball team. But did they get married in one of the most awe-inspiring outdoor cathedrals on the planet? Now, you can…and for much less cost. Getting a permit to be married in Yellowstone is not terribly complicated, although you may want to apply for one several months before your elopement. Below is a selection of vendors and lodging providers who can help you select from several Yellowstone elopement packages.