Why Should You Elope?

Start your new life together…without unnecessary stress! Should you elope?

Many people plan a traditional wedding because they want the party that comes with it. Or, perhaps they’re eager to show off their social status by trying to impress family and friends or outdo a rival. In extreme cases, an over-the-top wedding may result from a detached bride or groom who might be having second thoughts the person they’re about to marry. The mass media doesn’t help, either: we’ve all seen plenty of celebrity weddings that garnered massive attention for their ostentatiousness and expense, only to see the couples involved part ways only a few years (or even a few months) afterward.

Elopements, by contrast, represent the love between two people. No more, and no less. Far less attention is given to the frivolous details that surround most traditional weddings. Where eloping couples are concerned, family and friends might be less familiar with their wedding story yet far more knowledegable about their marriage story!

Don’t get caught up in a culture that seems to assign greater value to the calligraphy on your wedding invitations than it does to the bond you have with your partner. You chose your future spouse to be the love of your life for good or ill – not because Aunt Mabel thinks he or she will be a good match for you (and wants to pressure you into developing a specific reception menu at the venue of her choice!)

Traditional, “big” weddings are less about the couple, and more about relatives and acquaintances (some of whom may not be necessarily close to the two people getting married). Elopements are about the two people about to enter into marriage. Explore the Elopement site for more information and to find vendors who specialize in elopement weddings.