What is an Elopement?

An elopement is a simple yet elegant and inexpensive alternative to the overpriced and ostentatious traditional wedding ceremony. Couples who wish to get married in a dignified manner without the costs, complications, stresses, and unrealistic expectations of those who, when all is said and done, are only spectators to the wedding ceremony may choose an elopement wedding. Let’s face it: in recent decades, traditional weddings have become less focused on couples and their love for each other. Instead, wedding ceremonies are now more preoccupied on unimportant but costly frills and features that have less to do with celebrating a union of two people in marriage and more to do with showing off, pleasing overbearing parents, or kowtowing to the whims of friends and relatives.

A marriage doesn’t have to be this way. First of all, the marriage is about you, the couple. Stop trying to be all things to all people where your marriage is concerned. If too many cooks are working to spoil your wedding


ceremony, unplug yourselves from the craziness and consider an elopement. Forget the archaic meaning of elopement which produced the image of a young suitor hoisting a ladder against a bedroom window to help his teenage bride escape her parents’ home, then rush off to get married in a secretive ceremony. More likely, you and your future spouse are not only sophisticated adults who know exactly what you want, but are people of a certain age who don’t need the affirmations or trappings – and costs – that come with most traditional weddings.

While Webster’s has yet to catch up to the present day meaning of the term “elopement” in its online dictionary, it does offer some interesting synonyms for the term: “freedom”, “liberation”, and “release” are just a few. We couldn’t agree more. An elopement is freedom from today’s “wedding industrial” complex that not only has utterly corrupted what weddings really mean, but has turned what should be a holy union of two souls into an almost obscene spectacle of overspending and garish excess. In a culture where terms like “bridezilla” or accessories like lewd necklaces donned during bachelorette parties are commonplace, we forgot what weddings are all about.

Now, let’s be clear: while your elopement doesn’t have to cost the equivalent of the down payment on a home, it can still take place at a beautiful venue, include elegant features, and involve the services of various professionals. But it doesn’t have to include a long list of invited guests, many of whom you barely know.

Plan your “liberation” from the common, traditional wedding here at Elopement. Your future loved one, and you, will be glad you did.