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Are you a wedding officiant or minister, photographer, transportation provider, or planner? Does your lodging business or bed and breakfast offer elopement packages and cater to those who seek alternatives to traditional, “big” weddings? Welcome to the website that offers a directory of services


to those who want to get married on a budget, but still desire style and a touch of class for their elopement ceremony. Book more weddings with Elopement, and target the new and growing group of smart couples planning to begin their lives together with intelligence and class, but without stress. Add your wedding services to our directory for only $8.95! For the price of lunch, you’ll reach thousands of couples seeking elopement packages or wedding services like the ones you offer. Save hundreds to advertise your services on our site versus what you could pay for other wedding vendor directory ads. You can include a lengthy description of your business, a link to your website, and additional contact information which will be readily available to the many (and growing numbers of) couples seeking elopement help, advice, and services for their upcoming nuptials.

Other online wedding directories charge hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars per year to have you advertise your services on their sites. Not Elopement. We intend to keep our directory costs down, while still making every effort to grow our traffic with sophisticated and ongoing strategies. You’ll book more weddings and reach new clients as a result of our years of experience in building, optimizing, and marketing websites. View examples of our existing listings here (and check to see if your competition isn’t featured!)

Those who seek to elope while avoiding regimented and overpriced traditional weddings are unique. They are people who seek creativity and common sense from the businesses they want to hire. If this is your type of wedding service, you need to be on List your elopement services with us, today!

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