The Wedding Limo

Ride off into wedded bliss with style! Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to ditch touches of elegance like a limo or classic car to whisk you and your new spouse to an evening of celebration. With an elopement ceremony, you want to reduce wedding expenses and complications, of course. However, you may still wish to have some of the niceties that a traditional wedding can offer, without breaking the bank. One example of the “niceties” is transportation to and from the venue where you are married via a wedding limo service.

The limousine industry offers a wide range of transportation options that didn’t exist even a decade ago. Thanks to technology, limo companies can now offer elegant rides which not only feature well-stocked wet bars and exotic sound systems, but interior lighting effects, flat-screen TVs with thousands of on-demand titles, and game consoles for the truly addicted video gaming devotees. However, many of these features tend to veer into the “gimmick” category, and certainly aren’t required for you and your loved one to get and from where you’ll both exchange vows.

So, consider renting a limousine for your elopement, but keep it simple. You likely won’t want the superstretch Hummer limo with a hot tub in the rear and a stripper pole somewhere within its vast interior. Instead, you’re going to want classy, understated elegance. And you’ll want to keep it simple and cost-effective. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a wedding limo service:

  • Steer clear of the gimmicks – As mentioned above, features like hot tubs and stripper poles aren’t necessary for your elopement. You want simplicity and class. A simple stretch limo or even a Town Car will suffice. Unlike a traditional wedding, you won’t have to provide transportation for an entire wedding party.
  • Negotiate the cost – You may not be aware of this, but everything is negotiable to some extent. And this principle applies to getting a deal on limo services. In some resort destinations, especially the types of places that attract those planning to get married, there is a great deal of competition amongst limousine services. Take advantage of this, and ask the various companies that you talk to if they will match prices with or give discounts on rates as compared to their competitors. Those hungry for business will be more flexible, but even the larger outfits that might expect fewer bookings when you plan to elope will work with you, also. Never hurts to ask, and don’t take the first quotes you get for transportation services as set in stone. If they are, check out the next company.
  • An elopement on a weekday will save you money – As well as allow more flexibility for the limo companies that you contact. This tip goes along with negotiating rates. Obviously you’ll get cheaper rates on weekdays as opposed to weekends, and you’ll save even more if you plan your elopement for those times of year that aren’t traditionally known for scheduling marriage ceremonies, like the autumn or winter seasons (outside of the Christmas season). You are considering an elopement because you aren’t interested in trying to impress anyone, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the time of year or day of the week when you tie the knot. Since you are bucking tradition in every way with your elopement, go all the way! Get married on a Tuesday (this writer did). You can then get a limo company to not only offer you cheaper rates, but better service as well – you and your new spouse might be the only customers they serve on that particular day if you get married on a weekday.
  • A one-limo operation has pluses and minuses – Along with more flexibility, a one-limo service might be more apt to negotiate their rates. But don’t take this tip as gospel, of course. Some one-car services might be booked on the day you decide to elope. When calling a smaller limo outfit, make sure you try to talk to the owner. He or she is the person that will ultimately decide how much you will pay and will likely be your driver.
  • A “black car” or airport shuttle service may save you money, but not always – You could consider hiring a “Town Car” sedan as opposed to a stretch limo. Unfortunately, however, sedans can be expensive, considering they don’t offer the amenities that stretch limos do. It might be worth it for you and your new spouse to shell out the few extra bucks for a limo instead of a sedan.
  • Consider renting a large SUV or luxury sedan, and pick a “designated driver” friend to drive – Another option: rent a luxury vehicle from one of the major car rental companies. Most rental companies now offer luxury rides that they didn’t have even a few years ago. This option works if you can line up your own driver, and then only if that driver is willing to abstain from alcohol while behind the wheel. Don’t take chances lining up a rental if you can’t be sure one of your friends or relatives are licensed and willing to drive sober. However, if you expect non-drinking guests, this option might work for you.
  • Can you find a classic car owner that will offer you transportation? There are owners of exotic or antique cars that sometimes use their “toys” to transport newlyweds. Because you won’t have a large wedding party to contend with, these classic car owners may be more willing to hire out their cars – which they will drive, of course – to those that they feel are responsible and well-behaved. The owners of classic cars don’t want rowdy partiers in their prize possessions (that’s where limo companies come in!) Steer clear of “classic car
    rental services” if you want to save money. Instead, search for individual classic car owners via antique car club websites, or go to a classic car show near you and talk to the car owners in person.
  • Check out feedback and references – Before you book with anyone, check out online review sites and/or Facebook pages to get feedback. Beware of those services that don’t have a web presence (unless you are in touch with individual classic car owners, as mentioned directly above). You want a limo company that has experience and know what customer service is all about.

Not every couple seeking an elopement ceremony will want to hire a limo service. But those who do should shop around and consider scheduling an elopement on a day that isn’t going to be booked for the limousine outfit. Finding a transportation provider that is flexible, honest, and has a proven customer service record is key.