Save Money by Eloping

Reduce your wedding budget and reduce your worries: elope! An elopement wedding ceremony will not only save you money, but it can also save tremendous amounts of stress. Why start your new lives together with a huge debt from an event that is but a single day in your marriage? A day that can be just as special – for much less cost – if you decide to elope.

Elopement weddings allow couples to have more control over their wedding event. A smart couple that decides to elope will have more freedom in where to get married, how to get married, who should be invited, and which services will be needed. Most elopement ceremonies will require only an officiant or minister to perform the wedding, a venue where the ceremony will take place, and perhaps a handful of guests. No need to sweat the details over inviting a long-forgotten relative or fair-weather acquaintance. Worried about offending persons who won’t be invited? Then, don’t invite anyone at all! (It’s an option.) You could plan an elopement ceremony which involves only the two of you, an officiant, and perhaps a witness.

Concerned about securing a high-cost venue that may or may not be available on the day you wish to get married? If you decide to stage an elopement wedding, you can choose to get married in a national or state park or use the gardens on the property of a bed and breakfast. Some parks may charge a nominal fee and require a simple permit (which can sometimes be submitted online) to secure a specific wedding date. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by having an elopement wedding in a unique and romantic outdoor setting as opposed to a generic banquet hall!

You’ll not only save money by eloping if you two decide to forego the big, “traditional” wedding ceremony, but you’ll avoid the hassles of trying to “keep up with the Joneses” (or at least a “Jones” bride) by skipping out on the unnecessary “extras” that traditional weddings require. In fact, such extras will have absolutely nothing to do with the success and happiness of your marriage. So, tie the knot like more and more smart couples are doing…have an elopement wedding!

Save money by eloping and start planning your elopement wedding with our Elopement vendor directory!