Plan a Simple Wedding

Consider a small gathering to celebrate your marriage with a simple wedding ceremony, by planning an elopement!

If you have found your “one and only”, someone to share your life with, congratulations! You are fortunate and blessed. You have made it through the minefields of dating in theĀ  new millennium, which is no minor challenge.

Now you are engaged, and facing a new set of challenges. Aside from the spiritual and emotional growth that you’ll experience as you prepare your wedding plans, you’re now dealing with an endless assortment of practical issues involving your future wedding.

Well, we know what you’re going through. The couple that developed chose to elope themselves. We are Alex and Maggie, and we were married on 11/12/13 (Sesame Street would’ve been proud) in a very simple but beautiful ceremony on a beach in Santa Barbara, California. Not only did we get married in one of the most scenic locations on the planet, we did so on a limited budget, on our terms. We are not trust fund babies, hedge fund gurus, or tech millionaires (well, at least not yet, anyway). In addition, we are the parents of two wonderful children. This means that we have to be smart with our money, but we wanted more than a courthouse marriage. So, how did we afford to get married in one of the most expensive places to have a wedding in the United States?

Simple: we eloped. And you and your loved one can, too.

Most of the resources available for newly engaged couples are geared towards those who have outsized wedding budgets or aren’t thinking seriously enough about trying to save money on the wedding ceremony. Indeed, the wedding industry in the U.S. is now a $52 billion per year industry, and it’s only getting bigger. If you are fixated on getting married in a large, lavish, traditional wedding ceremony, than this website is definitely not for you. By the same token, if all you want is to march down to a local courthouse with your future spouse to get married in the most spartan of civil ceremonies, there is more information on this site than you’ll ever need. However, if you wish to avoid the trappings and excesses of a “big” wedding while allowing for some of the dignities and style that a smaller but elegant affair can offer, please explore this site further.

We hope that you and your loved one can avoid the excessive costs and complications that so many other brides and grooms before you have endured. Maybe society isn’t ready to update its increasingly outdated view of what weddings should be, but perhapsĀ 

you and your future spouse are. We invite you to consider “eloping” into your future.

Alex and Maggie were married on a beautiful beach located near Santa Barbara, California. They spent exactly zero dollars for a permit to get married there. This is especially amazing when one considers the fact that the Santa Barbara area is the single most expensive locale for a traditional wedding in the United States. They checked out several Santa Barbara area beaches using maps, then went online to research which Santa Barbara area beaches required permits and/or fees. They also looked at review sites to get feedback about the overall environments for the beaches they were interested in. They listened to suggestions from the Santa Barbara-based officiant that they eventually hired. So, just because you and your future spouse may wish to get married in a fantastic location, doesn’t mean you have to shell out huge sums of money to do so. Explore this website further to find out how you can elope, and check out the vendors who offer their services to eloping couples while you are here! Thanks for visiting Elopement!