Chicago Wedding Venues

As one of the largest metro areas in the U.S., Chicago is not only one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, it has become a premier spot for couples planning non-traditional elopement weddings. On this page we mapped out some of the most romantic Chicago wedding venues. Of course, these venues will require you to pay permit fees and other types of charges to reserve them for your special day. However, you can still book them without having to spend the thousands of dollars that a banquet hall and catering for dozens of guests will cost. The biggest issue you’ll find with using any of the venues below – as with any wedding venue – is scheduling. You’ll need to plan ahead to make sure that the venue you want will be available on the day you’re planning to “tie the knot” in the Chicago area. In addition, as we are focusing on the Midwest here, plan for weather! Even if you expect lots of sunshine and blue skies on the day of your Chicago wedding, you may wish to have a portable awning or picnic shelter available…just in case!

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You may wish to avoid being a “June bride” not only because your venue will likely be unavailable, but because your outdoor Chicago elopement wedding could easily be affected by a thunderstorm, hail shower, or excessive Midwest summer humidity. Don’t forget: Chicago is known as the “Windy City” for good reason! So, plan accordingly. Remember that the fall and spring months can be wonderful times to book Chicago wedding venues (or venues anywhere in Illinois or along Lake Michigan). Even wintertime, when the air is crisp and clear and snow can create an atmosphere of romance and mystery, can be a great time to have an elopement wedding in Chi-town!

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