Book More Weddings with a Premium Listing!

With a Premium Listing on, not only will your wedding service business be front and center on our fast growing wedding vendor directory, you’ll have a complete showcase for your online portfolio! Book more weddings by taking advantage of the many features available with our Premium Listings…check them out below:


Our Premium Listings are actually three or four page 'mini websites' which consist of an 'About Us' or detailed description page, a portfolio page, a testimonials page, and a contact page. We'll help you set up your pages - all you'll have to do is send us your photos and text.

Benefit From Our Online Presence ranks high for such keyword phrases as 'how much does it cost to elope', 'family elopement packages', and 'eloping with kids'. In addition, our site consistently ranks high for such locally targeted phrases like 'branson elopement packages' and 'grand canyon elopement'. We publish new and original content to the site regularly, targeted to couples interested in elopement weddings. So, why spend all your time and effort trying to get traffic to your site? Take advantage of our expertise in search engine marketing and website development instead, for only pennies per day!


If you've been in business for a while and want to showcase your happy clients, then we'll help you create a testimonials or reviews page! If you're a new service provider, you may wish to use your testimonials page to provide other information. It's your choice - we know some vendors don't like review sites (they aren't always accurate), so we let our vendors choose to publish reviews...or not.

Online Portfolio

Let potential clients view up to 100 photos of your services. You can display your photos in a static gallery format or a slideshow format; or a combination of both formats. Use this page in conjunction with your existing website and/or your social media presence, if you like.

Detailed Descriptions

Provide potential clients very in-depth information about your elopement packages or services. You can have up to 2,000 words of text published on your description page!

Contact Information

Unlike other directories, we let businesses add all contact information to make it easy for potential clients to get in touch. Choose to provide your company address (if you wish) including a Google Map which will display your location. Provide phone numbers, email addresses, a website address, and social media links. Don't want to provide a physical address? No problem. The info you provide (or not) is completely up to you!

Contact Page

Your own 'contact us' page where potential clients can get in touch with you; you will be notified via the email of your choice. This feature alone might help you dump your existing website (and any tech support that you have to pay for!)

Home Page Link

Your Premium Listing gives your business a link from the home page. Any visitors to our site will see a link directly to your company's specific page within our site. That means hundreds of potential visitors each and every week to your 'mini site' on Elopement!

Preferred Placement

Top row placement for your business in the state where you do business. For example, if your wedding service is located in California, you'll be featured in the top row of the vendor listings on the 'California Elopement Packages' page, regardless of how many additional vendors join.

But Wait, There's More!

Once we set up your Premium Listing, you'll be able to refer potential customers directly to your presence - and possibly do away with your own website hassles! We are making our Premium Listing fee competitive with the monthly fees charged by website hosting providers. You spend the same amount of money, but don't have to become a website guru! Focus on what you do best, instead: providing great elopement experiences for smart couples! In addition to the features listed above, you'll have:

  • Pages that are ad-free
  • The ability to update your pages at any time
  • Email support
  • All for only $49 per quarter (billed every 90 days)

Ready to grow your wedding services business? Premium listings will pay for themselves in no time!